NZOZ Meditest. Medical Diagnostics (Meditest)
We are a private clinical laboratory specializing in histo- and cytopathology, molecular-genetic diagnostics, as well as R&D activities focused on the application of new diagnostic tools in the fields of molecular pathology, cancer detection and prevention, genetic predisposition to cancer, microbiology etc. Our main field of expertise is pathomorphology (surgical pathology, cytopathology) and molecular-genetic diagnosis of different human and animal diseases. We perform such techniques as real-time PCR, NASBA, LAMP, microarrays, sequencing, SNP analysis, etc. Our laboratories are equipped with modern instrumentation for histopathology, cytology and molecular-genetics. Besides clinical diagnostic competence and research capabilities of our team of skilled medical doctors, molecular biologists and lab technicians, the main strength of Meditest is an access to a large collection of clinical samples, e.g. paraffin blocks, cytology samples, and cooperation with many health clinics and hospitals. Meditest also possess a broad experience in applied bioinformatics, especially in planning of biological experiments and analysis of obtained results. We use the basic technologies of bioinformatic sequence analysis as well as phylogenetic approaches.

Technical expertise with regard to the scope of the project:
Meditest will contribute to all molecular-biology and clinical aspects of the proposed project, especially design of LNA-modified molecular beacon probes and testing of fabricated graphene biosensors. Meditest will collaborate closely with other consortium partners in the process of graphene functionalization, biosensor composition, and electrical measurements. Meditest will provide relevant biological samples for GBS, HPV and blood glucose detection. Clinical validation of developed biosensors will be done using comparative studies in relation to standard molecular-genetic and microbiological methods.

Laboratories and administration facilities of Meditest occupy 270 m2. In possession of Meditest is modern equipment for the wide spectrum of molecular-genetics, histopathology and cytodiagnostics, which will be devoted “in kind” for the purposes of the proposed project:
  • real-time PCR system LightCycler 2.0. (Roche),
  • CheckScanner (Greiner Bio-One) microarray scanner,
  • NucliSens EasyQ (Biomerieux) NASBA analyzer,
  • NucliSens easyMAG (Biomerieux) automatic nucleic acid isolation system based on magnetic beads,
  • automatic DNA sequencer/analyzer  ABI 310 (Applied Biosystems),
  • thermocycler T-personal (Biometra),
  • centrifuges, thermomixers, incubators and lots of other small lab appliances,
  • microscopes, tissue-processor, microtomes, automatic slide stainer and coverslipper,  virtual slide scanner (Leica SCN400), computer assisted cervical cancer screening system (BD FocalPoint), automatic liquid based cytology preparation system (BD PrepStain).