• to develop a multifunctional graphene biosensor for sensitive and selective electrochemical detection of specific analytes in biological samples; 
  • to fabricate low cost sensing components for point-of-care diagnosis of specific, clinically relevant microorganisms (bacteria, viruses) and miniaturized devices for continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels in patients. 

The general concept of this project is to use modified DNA receptor/detector nanostructers (probes) and redox enzymes covalently grafted on functionalized graphene-chitosan composites working as efficient transducers of interactions between target analytes and sensory components. For the purposes of proof-of-concept, this project will focus on the detection of:
  1. bacteria Steptococcus agalactiae (GBS), which are of major concern in maternal-neonatal care,
  2. oncogenic types of Human papilloma virus (HPV), which predispose infected women to the cancer of uterine cervix,
  3. blood glucose level, which is crucial for the management of diabetic patients.

Proposed in the project technological improvements will enable sensitive and selective analysis of microbial genomes and blood glucose within a broad linear range of detection